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We offer international book cover design, interior page design, book websites and book promotional services. When you want success, put our expertise to work for you, your book is worth it.

We create innovative and elegant book design with our talented and motivated designers. And we can prepare you to meet your public with a professionally designed media kit. We’ll also help you develop your publisher website. We understand what the book industry requires from your promotional material Press releases, bios, fact sheets, flyers, direct mail pieces, bookmarks, letterhead, and your website are all developed specifically for your target markets. We can turn a project around quickly and we charge a fair price. With all the e-publishing tricks we'll do your book design - no matter where you are based. If you are producing a book with many photos we can make all your photos bright and lively with our photo editing department. We'll even help you choose the right printers with the latest technology to get the best in print quality.

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Book Design

About book design

Book Design, like any other craft, is a process of solving problems and overcoming hurdles. The designer’s role is to enable the reader to comprehend the material easily and efficiently. Traditional and foundational book design principles are imperative in accomplishing these results. It's a learned skill that requires a thorough knowledge of book design principals and the printing process. Yes design can save a bad book as Robert Bringhurst has wrote about good book design, “does not explode before the eye but invisibly and slowly catching fire in the mind.”

No matter where you are based we can satisfy your book design requirements.
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We provide custom publishing and design services for magazines, newsletters, catalogues and brochures.