Australian Government Publishing Service

Government publications

We provide government and university custom publishing services.

We deliver graphic and publishing services from design to marketing for government departments, agencies and stakeholders. With extensive experience in custom publishing, we can provide a one-on-one customer service and deliver from concept to completion.

About government publishing and government publication design

EXO design and publishing has project managers to provide government publishing services in each step, from writing and content development to design and production. We can develop your publication project to achieve the highest quality, the greatest efficiency, and the lowest cost.

No matter what your publishing requirements are or where you are based in Australia we can fulfil your government communication requirements. Let us help you speak to your market with a voice that is clear and relevant. If you need our help please request a competitive quote here.

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Australian Government Publishing Service


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We provide custom publishing and design services for magazines, newsletters, catalogues and brochures.