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We are providers of online publishing services, book publishing services, magazine publishing services and page layout services. We have a team of magazine publishing specialists that have been producing magazines for more than 15 years. We are fully setup to oversee your entire magazine publishing process including magazine cover layout, magazine page layout and editorial requirments. We provice complete magazine publishing and desktop publishing services so when your company next requires periodical publishing or publishing printing we are here to help. Please browse our graphic design fortfolio to see our samples of recently produced magazine publications, page layouts and magazine cover designs.

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Magazine publishing and
magazine publication design

A specific set of skills are required for magazine publishing and magazine publication design. We are equiped with the latest technologies and a team of highly experienced staff to fulfill all your magazine publishing and magazine publication design requirments. Having full FTP servers and an online fullfilment systems means we are able to efficiently produce your next publication no matter which country you are based in.

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Magazine cover design

As specialists in magazine publishing we know the the inportance of having a good magazine cover design for your publication. Good magazine cover layout consists of a bold banner design with strong images and text. When producing your next magazine cover design we have the skill to design an effective banner and select, manipuate and inhance cover photo. We then ballance the magazine cover layoue making the most effective use of colour and composition to produce the impact required.

Magazine page layout

As specialists in magazine publishing and magazine layout design we know the importance of leading the viewer´s eye through the magazine page layout. Magazine page layouts are designed to lead the reader through the layout to the next page. When designing magazine advertisements our key is to focus the eye on the page. It is inportant when competing for the viewer´s attention to be able to direct their eye. When producing magazine layout design tools like illustration and graphics have object oreintation methods applied to them to direct the eye. A good example for magazine page layout is to have a graphic ellement facing into the article to entice the reader in that direction. An human illustration is a good example of this because people look in the direction of their eyes. See our magazine layout examples in our portfolio.

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Magazine page layout
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Magazine page layout
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