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Product catalog design services.

Brisbane design studio (EXO) provides quality product catalog design services
in the areas of catalog layout and catalog publishing. We provide catalog design
services Australia wide and have clients from Sydney to Rockhampton.

product catalog design catalog layout

With over 25 years of catalog design experience means we can assign a specialised catalog designer to produce your next catalog. Our catalog designs stand out and we put our very best into every catalog design we create. We produce quality catalogs that are affordable.

Catalogue Design Brisbane

Catalog layout - Mavericks 2009
Catalogue design - Jesse Dyball - November 2009.

Catalogs are a must for businesses that sell wholesale products or deal with the public through mail order. Catalogs must be handled by experienced designers and photographers. The investment involved with catalog design, photography and printing can get quite high. Choosing the right company for your catalog design project will save you time and money.

A Catalog design highlights your company's products and asks that the consumer put their trust in you and your product. Items are bought by the impression someone gets from simply looking at your catalog. We produce catalogs that represents your company and your products effectively and enable your clients need to make informed purchasing decisions. We'll work with you as a team to create a successful product, whether you are new to catalog production or a seasoned pro.

Catalog design formats and catalog layout design

Catalog design prices can be tricky to estimate. So much information goes into a catalog that it's very important to provide detailed information when starting the project. Our prices are based on $45 per hour/page. Time allocation to design and layout a page ranges between 1 to 3 hours. For photography costs see photography page.

No matter where you are based we can satisfy your corporate communication requirements using our Internet delivery systems. Let us help you speak to your market with a voice that is clear and relevant. If you need our help just contact us here and we'll get right back with a competitive quote.

Have a look at our recent catalogue design
for Mavericks Western Wear

Please call or email for any queries:

Catalogue Design

P: 07-3869-1932
M: 0413-913-042


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