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Editorial writing

We provide full content writing services for all types of publications, magazines, marketing communications, technical reports, financial documents and web-sites.

Our writing services include:
1. Publication and document writing
2. Web content writing
3. Marketing and advertising copywriting
4. Technical writing
5. Book and document indexing
6. Content abstracting

Our experience
Our writers have years of combined experience writing for a large range of document and publication styles. This combined experience enables us to offer you well-established skills adaptive to all types of projects. See below for a full list of the type of projects we develop content for.

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Content development editorial writing

Our skills
We can form teams to produce publications and documents of any size and complexity. For complicated projects, our writers work closely with a variety of consultants, including marketing strategists, instructional designers, and multimedia developers.

Our writers are adept at quickly understanding a topic and our client's needs. We can quickly and efficiently pull together large projects to ensure our clients receive work of the highest quality, delivered on time and within budget.

Full content development services:

Publication and document writing
We provide specifically developed content for publications, magazines, newsletters, business documents, presentations and reports.

Web content writing
We create web page content that works well with the web technologies drawing search engines with keyword placement and other techniques.

Marketing and advertising copywriting
We create winning copy for marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and direct mail advertising.

Technical writing
We present detailed technical information clearly and concisely for user manuals, help systems, white papers, and other technical documents.

Book and document indexing
We manually create a professional index for your book or other document following one of the various index styles. Because a truly useful index is based on ideas, not just words, it must be created by a trained indexer, not a computer.

Content abstracting
We provide abstracts of journal articles, books, and other source material, both technical and nontechnical, following an abstract style appropriate for the target publication.

Projects types worked on
The type of projects we produce content for include:
Annual reports
Web pages
Marketing material
Print and web advertising
Business plans
Guides and Journals
General newsletters, articles and blogs
Scripts, speeches and conference proceedings
Manuals, user guides and white papers



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