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Editing services

We provide a range of traditional editorial process services including substantive editing, copy-editing, and proofreading.

Editing services include:
1. Copyediting services
2. Basic copyediting services
3. Developmental and rewriting services (Substantive)
4. Proofreading or final review services
5. Comparison proofreading services
6. Critiquing services

Our experience
Our copyeditors have years of combined experience editing a range of document and publication styles. This combined experience enables us to offer you well-established skills adaptive to all types of projects. See below for a full list of the type of projects we develop content for.

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Our skills
We handle all steps of the traditional editorial process—substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Depending on your requirements, we may work with you through all steps or provide task-specific support on an as-needed basis.


Copyediting services include:
Our copyeditors clarify, correct, and standardise your document. We check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, overall consistency of style throughout the document; clear up confusing and awkward writing; and query for problems we cannot resolve. Copyediting is best done before the document is laid out and should be followed by proofreading.

Basic copyediting services include:
We take care of all the tasks of regular copyediting except for rephrasing of unclear or awkward sentences. We do not change text except to resolve grammatical errors.

We check for and edit accuracy and consistency of:
- Capitalisation, punctuation, spelling, and grammar
- Abbreviations, acronyms; spelled out at first reference
- Treatment of numbers
- Italics, quotes, foreign words, special terms
- Numbering, parallel wording and punctuation of lists
- Figure and table legends, source information
- Anything numbered in sequence: lists, tables, figures, equations, outlines, etc.
- Reference style
- Footnotes and endnotes

When required we also eliminate:
- Run-on sentences
- Wordiness
- Inappropriate language
- Awkward constructions; vague language
- Passive voice

We also query:
- Misused words
- Inappropriate content or tone
- Missing cross-references
- Major organizational problems
- Awkward or confusing passages
- Uncredited material that may need permission

Development and rewriting services include:
Our substantive editing provides a deeper level of editing to improve the language and organisation. We reorganise and rewrite your document as needed, developing content that is consistant, logical, accurate, complete, and appropriate for the intended audience. We can either retain the author's style or develop an new overall style. A Substantive Edit includes the following:

- Correct errors of word usage (redundancy, passive voice, wordiness, poor diction, word choice)
- Edit sentence structure (syntax, variety, parallelism, clarity)
- Edit paragraph structure (organization, length, coherence, transitions)
- Check organization (logic and unity, structure, transitions, summaries); query major problems
- Monitor style (appropriateness of tone and voice, level of language to audience)
- Verify that heads reflect text that follows
- Check for too many or too few heads
- Rewrite awkward or confusing sections. We query the writer if we are not sure of meaning
- Review manuscript for sentences, paragraphs, and sections that could be cut
- Check math, numbers, problems, and answers to questions in exercises
- Check descriptions of tables/figures in text against information in the tables/figures themselves
- Other specific requests, such as reviewing text that may have been written by an author whose first language is not English

Proofreading or final review service includes:
Our proofreaders review already-edited document one final time, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies. Proofreading is best done after the document is laid out, when layout errors can also be checked. When we do a final review of your document we scan the final document for missed editorial and production problems. The final proofreading review involves checking:

Printed Media
- Cover, title page, and copyright page for consistency
- Front matter for appropriate copyright information and date, acknowledgements, table of contents, list of conventions and/or trademarks, when appropriate
- Corrections from previous versions
- Table of contents against text to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency
- Text flow (spot-check end of one page, beginning of next)
- Unexpected electronic production glitches (word breaks for no reason, poor spacing)
- Art for appropriate reference and labeling
- Page numbers, running heads, and footers for completeness and consistency
- Page alignment as appropriate
- Registration marks if needed
- Completeness of files/project

Interactive Media (Web sites, Online Courses)
- Cover, title page, and copyright page for consistency
- Check the site map and its consistency with the button labels and page titles
- Be sure the "big picture" information is at the top of the page with links to the rest of the information below
- Check for navigation feedback or cues for each action a user makes on the site
- Be sure there are required fields marked on forms and that the system doesn't accept forms with empty required fields
- Check for appropriateness of ALT tags and that the site can be used by a screen reader for accessibility

Comparison proofreading
We compare a new version of a document against its original. This work is often best done with two proofreaders: one reading the original aloud and the other making corrections to the new version.

Our communications experts review your document, consider how well it supports your publishing mission, and offer suggestions for improvement, including changes in content, organization, approach, and tone.

Projects types
The type of projects we produce content for include:
Annual reports
Web pages
Marketing material
Print and web advertising
Business plans
Guides and Journals
General newsletters, articles and blogs
Scripts, speeches and conference proceedings
Manuals, user guides and white papers



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