Photography services

We provide full photographic services for your media promotion and marketing needs. We offer digital photography services, QuickTime VR, object photography for e-commerce, panoramic photography on location, still life and people photography for advertising agencies and website and multimedia designers. We create and manage photographic content for the development of publications, magazines, books, catalogues, newsletters, corporate brochures, annual reports, multi-media, websites and company identity. We shoot originginals, source stock images, edit, enhance and catalogue your images, create VR tours and supply your managed images to media. If you need photographic services we'll work with you manage your complete image requirements whether you need a one-off shoot or complete ongoing media representation service..

Our photographic services include:
Media supply management services
Shooting original digital photography
Quicktime VR and 360-degree virtual reality tours
Sourcing images from stock libraries
Photo editing, prepping for web or print, library creation and data-basing

Our experience
We operate a global network of professional photographers with years of combined experience producing all types of photographic styles. This combined experience enables us to offer you well-established skills adaptive to all types of projects.

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Our skills
We bring you a single point of contact for all your photographic content needs. Managing an extensive international database of member photographers, we select the best photographic professionals for your project, based on budget, location, expertise, and availablility. We form teams to produce photographic content for publications and documents of any size and complexity. For complicated projects we work closely with you providing up to the minute communication on project details, ensuring smooth handling of your project. With strict quality assurance, your content is processed, finished and delivered on time to the designated recipients.

Our project managers are adept at quickly understanding a project and your needs. We can quickly and efficiently pull together large projects to ensure you receive work of the highest quality, delivered on time and within budget. We use state-of-the-art, web-based project management systems and an international pool of photographic talent. No matter where your project is based our project managers instruct photographers and oversee the photo project from start to finish. We handle all billing and offer offer asset management and hosting services through our industry partners.

Full photographic services:

Photo management and media supply services
We offer full photo library management and media supply services, distributing quality controlled images for our clients. We store images, enhance, flight-check and supply the required destination - making sure your images are delivered on time and appear at their best quality when published, whether for web or print. This is achieved by using a database of hi-resolution images stored on our photo library servers enabling us to select images on demand then deliver digitally enhanced images by e-mail or FTP, on CD or via a web interface. This enables you to manage your marketing and representation with the knowledge that your images can be supplied from a single point. This service is ideal for companies needing constant marketing media representation services like resorts, hotels and product supply chains.

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